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Live music photography has become a huge part of our culture, but rarely do the photographers turn the cameras away from the bands performing on stage to capture the energy and passion demonstrated by the crowds. Local photographer Nic Bezzina however is one photographer who has done just that, and in doing so captured an array of stunning images that he has compiled in a book, Release The Crowd, which he will be launching this weekend.

“I’d been shooting music festivals for a few years but I was getting to the stage where I was fed up with being crammed into a little photo pit with up to 40 other photographers all trying to capture essentially the same shots,” explained Nic. “My love of music started when I was in the mosh pits as a fan connecting with music that way. So I figured I’d start concentrating on crowd shots at that point, and soon found those were the shots I was getting excited about.”

The feeling of excitement in these shots for Nic came from their unpredictability, and because they symbolised the mentality that he felt as a member of these crowds, to simply “throw yourself out there by taking a leap of faith to have fun”.

Publishing the book would not have been possible without the generous support of a crowd funding campaign, which Nic couldn’t be more grateful or happier for – although he is relieved to finally be at the point of launch:

“It’s been a very long process because it was all self published, but I am very happy with the outcome and feel the quality of the book really stands up in a crowded market place.” (JA)

Dec 10, 4-9pm. Goodspace Gallery, 115-119 Regent St, Chippendale. Info: or