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The renowned Australian fashion label Nookie is now just one click away.

Launched this month, Nookie Online allows fans of the boutique brand to access
clothes and collections over the web.

The label is now available in 180 stores nationally and exports to boutiques in
Miami, New York and LA.

Sydney-based designer Nikita Sernack founded the Nookie Boutique in 2003
and believes the site is a step forward for Sydney Fashion.

“Going online is a great platform for designers to interact with their online
customer, and most importantly, to showcase their collections in its entirety,”
Ms Sernack said.

“Our customers are treated to an entire Nookie experience when they log into the
Nookie site, which offers information about the brand and collections, as well as the
latest news and promotions.”

In 2006, Ms Sernack began designing beach wear, to accompany her boutique

“With the launch of Nookie Beach, I was really driven to create low maintanence yet
stylish pieces that take the girls straight from the beach to the bar,” she said.

“I grew up by the beaches and we really didn’t have this option then. That relaxed
yet super chic look that Nookie Beach caters for is huge everywhere in Sydney,
and is here to stay.”

Nookie Beach debuted at Australian Fashion Week last year, showcasing
Sernack’s Spring/Summer 2011-2012 collection. The Bondi-based brand is also
responsible for staff uniforms at Sydney’s Ivy pool club.

“I come from a family of designers and manufacturers who have been involved
in the Ragtrade since the 60s, so I always knew I would live and breathe fashion,” Ms
Sernack said.

“Both of my labels, Nookie and Nookie Beach cater for the girl who wants to look
and feel sexy, in fun statement pieces, that also taps into their playful side.”

The online site features Nookie’s latest AW 12 Collection, ‘The Strand’, with
leather, studs, knits and furs on display.

The site also features a Nookie loyalty points program, created to reward
customers, as well as free shipping across Australia.

“My labels are about celebrating the strong urban woman through our signature
bright colours and bold prints, and making them feel sexy.”