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Oh Wonder’s upcoming Australian tour is proof that bands don’t always need a big record label behind them to release music and tour internationally, now that the internet is so prevalent and powerful.

In what originally started out as simple “fun side project” for Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht to challenge themselves, Oh Wonder has rapidly blossomed into a major force in the music scene. Since releasing their self titled debut album, Oh Wonder has gone on to sign with a label and sell out their upcoming tour in less than 24 hours.

Despite now being with a recognised music label, the project began as an entirely independent venture due to the freedom that allowed the pair. “Before we even thought of the idea for Oh Wonder, we felt quiet frustrated with the traditional release systems,” explained Anthony. “That’s quite a slow process and you never actually feel that much reward because you’re constantly waiting to release music.”

In order to avoid this system the band chose to release their album in an unconventional way, by uploading one track per month over the course of a year. By releasing the album that way “we had more creative control, which is obviously lovely,” said Josephine. “We’re big believers in DIY music making, you don’t need to complicate it really. As soon as money is involved things become very complicated, whereas if you don’t have money all you can do is try to write good songs and release them.”

Ahead of the tour the excitement was evident in the duos voices: “We’ve both traveled in a Australia a few times and Andy is half Australian, so we’re extraordinarily excited to come out and perform,” said Josephine. To which Anthony added: “We’re super excited and blown away that the other side of the world is listening to us, it shows how amazing platforms like Soundcloud are because you can write a song and upload it in thirty seconds then the world can hear it.”

“Yeah it’s incredible, it’s a testament to the power of the internet. We’re very grateful for that and for people sharing our music with their friends, so we can’t wait to say thank you in person,” said Josephine.

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