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By Jasmine McLennan
This new hotel is a hidden gem. Tucked away on Bridge Road, 100m walk from Glebe Point Road, the Excelsior Hotel has undergone major renovations over the last five months. The décor is unobtrusive and welcoming, and they have kept the beautiful pressed metal ceilings. Downstairs is a lively pub that was filling up when we arrived at 7.30pm. Upstairs is a restaurant with a more traditional Greek feel. On Wednesdays there is a Greek banquet ($35/head) and a live Greek band. There are eight courses of authentic, traditional Greek food – the salted cod with garlic mayonnaise (Bakalaw) was particularly delicious; as was the baked beetroot dish. Their specialty is goat, and if you’ve never tried goat, do so here ‘ the lean, tender meat fell off the bone. There was a warm atmosphere and the service was excellent. The Greek wine ($20-28 bottle), flavoured by the pine resin used to preserve it, was also a highlight. The prices on the regular menu, which can be ordered in the pub or the restaurant, are very reasonable ($15-20 main).

Olive Tree Bistro, Excelsior Hotel
Excelsior Hotel, 101 Bridge Rd, Glebe
Ph: (02) 9552 9700
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