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This one-woman show is the lovechild born from the passionate work of two talented thespians and devoted Bette Davis fans.

The play accounts the lives and careers of Hollywood’s most renowned female actresses. From her childhood in Massachusetts through to an unrivaled movie star career, that saw four husbands and an unprecedented fight against the studios for creative independence.

Director Peter Mountford met performer Jeanette Cronin a few years ago and they bonded over a mutual admiration of Bette Davis when he noted Cronin’s stunning resemblance and comparability to her, making her perfect for the role.

It was a coincidence that Cronin was cast as the actress in the comedic play Dark Voyager last year. However, in this intimate cabaret style performance, Cronin is able to encapsulate the role and explore the character on a more complex level.

This is the first time in his international directing career that Mountford has lent his talents to a one-person show, which he said, “has been an intense yet fulfilling experience”.

With anticipation building over the past year, the dynamic duo have handpicked the best moments of the Hollywood actress’s life. They present an intimate portrayal of a star whom has often been represented in a harsh light.

According to Mountford, throughout the production process they’ve only continued discovering uncanny similarities between Davis and Queen Elizabeth 1: the strong female monarch who fascinated her. (AM)


 25th of February –15th of March, the Old 505 Theatre, 505/342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills,