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Pablo Francisco is a man whose comedic sensibility is largely based on his ability to mimic the voice of Don Fontaine (aka ‘that movie voice over guy’) and a small host of pop culture celebrities. He returns to Australia’s comedy circuit with Here We Go Again (Back In The Outback), in the wake of sold-out tours in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

You’ll thoroughly enjoy this show if you like your racial impersonations out-dated and borderline illegal, your ideas about women two-dimensional and your understanding of people with a disability un-redeeming. If you’re a fan of the blues, it’s also probably best to steer clear.

To his credit Francisco’s ‘movie guy voice’ was for the most part spot on, along with impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mark Wahlberg.

I’m hoping that with time, the image burned into my retinas of Mr Francisco staggeringly dry-humping the air and slapping an imaginary arse in a seizure-esque fashion will fade away. (The more direct seizure-mimicking however was saved for his impersonation of Michael J. Fox…)

His style of comedy can be compared to crude and undiluted Seth MacFarlane.

After sitting through fifty minutes of Pablo Francisco, his best mate and their prepubescent antics, I was more tempted to go home listen forlornly to angry early-feminist blues music than to go get my ticket stub signed.

But hey, I’m probably just in the throes of a constant premenstrual rage, so don’t take my word for it.