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After learning of a potentially fatal heart condition, Pierre (Romain Duris) a former cabaret dancer, begins an internal enquiry into his own life through the quiet observation of life itself from the window of his Paris apartment. The film (directed by Cedric Klapisch) then follows the starkly contrasting lives of the people he observes, crossing paths at various intervals – in particular that of his sister and constant companion, Elise (Juliette Binoche). With the exception of standout performances by Duris, Binoche & Fabrice Luchin, whose subtle comedy injects the film with a dose of intelligence, the sheer number of characters results in the bulk of them remaining under-developed and the interplay between them seeming somewhat clunky. What ultimately redeems this film is the stunning cinematography of the city itself, which captures the many faces of Paris with beauty and honesty.


(Anna Harrison)