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“How can I say this, I like to elevate the status of the bogan, I think they’re the best Australians in the country. I think in the old days it was a term of offensiveness but now a lot of people claim it proudly.”

Pauly Fenech, the award-winning actor, comedian, filmmaker and director known best for his characters in Housos, Fat Pizza, Bogan Hunters and Swift And Shift Couriers, is bringing to The Factory Theatre his new stand-up show, The Bogan Bible.

When asked why audiences love the content of bogans so much, Pauly replied, “It’s just Aussie comedy, the bogans are the last backing of real Aussie humour. There’s a lot more honest Australian humour in the bogan world than anywhere else. I look at a lot of other stand-ups and they are all clever and whatever but for me it’s drifting away from where Australia’s culture is at.”

With the comedy genius having played several hilarious characters, Frankie from Housos is still Fenech’s favourite, “Let’s face it, you had threesomes, beat up police with thongs and all the rest of it. I was a big fan of Happy Days and I think Franky was Australia’s answer to the Fonzie”.

As for a Housos return, City Hub was told there are discussion happening followed by the mention of a top secret new television show coming to Channel 7 in September. When asked for a hint Pauly said, “Mate all I can say is its dangerous.”

Make sure you catch Pauly Fenech and The Bogan Bible, “This is the only comedy show that has multi-media, crowd interaction, it’s the history of the bogan culture. And it is the only show where the audience get assaulted by thongs, with their own consent.”

Apr 27. Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. $34.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Riley Hooper