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It’s An Endless Desire is the second album from Melbourne gal Penny Hewson, and it marks the end of a decade-long chapter of plying her trade in Los Angeles and the beginning of her new life back in Australia; more specifically, in an apartment overlooking Port Phillip Bay, where the view out of her window would be the most likely inspiration for such an earthy sounding album. By the sound of things, Hewson had a lot to get off her chest. It’s a sentimental album, with each and every word dedicated to love lost, broken heartedness and being left behind. Did she leave LA to get away from someone? Or maybe she was metaphorically breaking up with LA. Either way, there are so many uses of the word ‘I’ on this record, the heart on her sleeve lyricism is like a purging of anxieties and emotions; catharsis of the soul as it were. Perhaps living in LA fills your bowels with such toxic feelings you need to get it out like that. I don’t know. What I do know is that Penny Hewson has experienced more heartache than I ever care to.