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Picasso has come to Annandale. Australian artist Jeremy Kibel was inspired by the master’s self-portraits to create some of his own.

As you sit on the bench in the middle of the large gallery hall to look at Autoportrait, he looks back at you with his with his big green eyes. Why the green eyes? You wonder the cause of his envy. Why a purple triangle for a forehead? Perhaps a pyramid representing a myriad of thoughts? You are looking at the mind that looks at itself. The pale yellow cheeks and large scull leave you mesmerized.

Red painting, like all the works, features a thick layer of bright paints on a major canvas. So much crimson, a green crescent and part of what looks like a black star. It could almost be a nation’s flag if turned 90 degrees. Green female looks away off to the side. Her eyes are pale blue but her face is green. Her lips pursed, she has nothing to say. Her look says it all.

Selected Picasso etchings from past exhibitions are also on display and complement Kibel’s art. A must see for painters and lovers of paint. The master himself would be proud.

Until Aug 18, Annandale Galleries, 110 Trafalgar St, Annandale, free, 9552 1699,