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Piff The Magic Dragon is a world-renowned magician and card trickster. He has wowed audiences and critics alike on the Penn & Teller show with his patented tricks and magical exploits.

Having gained award nominations in Edinburgh for his record-breaking sellout shows, the Sydney Fringe Festival is proud to host Jurassic Bark – a delightful blend of comedy and magical trickery. “Dragons love card tricks and stealing princesses,” explains Piff. “It’ kind of an either/or situation. Hopefully I’ll have time for both in Sydney.”

Like all great heroes, Piff The Magic Dragon has a long-suffering sidekick. His is called Mr Piffles and is the world’s first levitating Chihuahua. “Just the other day, I was fed up with Mr Piffles getting wet in the rain, so I created a lamination trick. Problem solved,” Piff continues. Mr Piffles will be reading minds, performing card tricks and escaping from straightjackets.

“These days people are all about the Chihuahua,” huffs Piff. “They have forgotten that once upon a time there was a magical dragon called me who did some pretty nifty card tricks. The show is about redressing the balance, even if that means firing the dog out of a cannon.”

Sep 15-23, The Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, Macquarie St, Sydney, $37-40, 9560 9167,