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The Duck Duck Goose Theatre Company presents Pinball; a play set in the ’70s about a lesbian couple trying to gain custody of a son.

Part of Mardi Gras Sydney 2014, Pinball is an anti-naturalistic comedy that centres around Theenie as she struggles with her family’s bigotry.

“It’s a story about what we have been through in the past in Australia, in terms of laws and same-sex parenting,” says Sarah Vickery, director of Pinball.

“We really wanted to put it on to show how far we’ve come,” she continues.

Pinball was written in the late ’70s and the new production reflects on how, although life was fashionable, not all was cool at the time.

Producer Gavin Roach approached Vickery with the idea of a production with a more female take on themes surrounding Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras were very excited to actually have a focus on women’s rights and lesbianism and all that,” says Vickery.

On the cast of six, she says, “The cast are fantastic. They’re all very experienced. They’re extremely talented and I’m very proud of them.” (PG)

Feb 11-28, TAP Gallery, 278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst, $20,