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The Green Left Weekly’s annual comedy night is an evening of bold laughter and bolder jokes as a cross section of the people who make up the city’s social movements converge to watch our most hilarious comedians.

Green Left Weekly has organised these comedy nights now for four years in Sydney; and we pull together antiestablishment feminist, anti-racists, anti-war comedians, pro-environment, anti-fascism comedians who lambast the establishment – so political parties, and the corporate positions…” explained co-organiser Rachel Evans.

In the past they’ve held ‘Should Team Australia Be Disqualified?’ and this year it’s ‘Please Explain’ with starring comedian and major guest Pauline Pantsdown.

Pantsdown will be joined onstage by a full halal snack pack of comedians, including Carlo Sands, a columnist for The Green Left Weekly and The (un)Australian.

“If we don’t laugh we cry,” began Sands. “…Every time you look at the news in Australia, the situation is pretty dire… all of these things are pretty terrible for people to wake up to in the morning, and so we thought we all needed a laugh.”

“I think that the key thing with humour in a situation like this is [to ask] ‘how do you take a very dark situation and use humour as a way that people can confront it…and draw something essential out of it?’”

Will Please Explain get the tick of approval? Raise some funds for an anti-racist paper by booking a table, and find out. (AM)

Oct 8, doors 6.30pm/show 7pm. Leichhardt Town Hall, 107 Norton St, Leichhardt. $12-$50. Tickets & info:, more info via the Facebook Event.