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In the 7th annual Canadian Film Festival, the 20 “best of” films are a broad and brave mix set in locations around the world, from a comedy about hockey (Goon) to a coming-of-age drama set in war-torn Africa (War Witch) to a musical (Leave it on the Floor) and a road movie (Cloudburst). Other films include: STARBUCK – Having donated copiously to a sperm bank two decades ago, slacker Quebecois David learns he is father to 533 children, and some of them want to know who their father is. MONSIEUR LAZHAR – A global success and Oscar-nominated, this film tells the touching tale of an Algerian substitute teacher placed in a Montreal primary school after the sudden death of a schoolteacher. INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE – Although solely about computer-game development, this is a doco for everybody and explores the intense passions of game designers. REPLICAS – In this thriller, a family goes to a cottage retreat to mourn the recent loss of their daughter. When the neighbours come for a visit, the family is confronted by a bit less neighbourliness than expected. FRANCINE – Led by Melissa Leo, this drama tells the story of a woman recently released from prison and her inability to reconnect in the world. Starkly minimalist and with sparse dialogue, Francine paints a stark picture of a woman in the margins of society.

Aug 13-19, Dendy theatres