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When I first came to Waverley it was facing a terrible threat from a corrupt pro-development council. I got involved in the campaign to stop over-development and to keep Waverley at a human scale and support the public interest.
I joined the Greens because I recognised the party was made up of people who have a genuine concern for the local environment and the community.
I have since campaigned for a new Waverley Library and to protect the Bondi Pavilion, and have worked in bush care and the community garden. The most important issue for me now is climate change. I helped set up Climate Action Bondi in 2006 and have been active in educating and informing the community on climate issues.
I think that Council can do more to encourage residents to live sustainably, for example by introducing green energy and solar panels throughout Waverley. If elected I look forward to ensuring Waverley Council is a leader in implementing climate change initiatives.