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Award-winning Simon Stephens is quoted as one of the most important and exciting British playwrights of today for his ‘in-yer-face’ writing style. Owen Little, actor and co-founder of independent theatre company Pantsguys, agrees.  “The writing is very deliberate. It catches you unawares,” he explains. “It’s modern with a lot of depth.”

In the Australian premiere of this shattering new play, ATYP together with the seven graduates who consist of Pantsguys are tackling issues such as pressures of love, sex and bullying of seven teenagers from Manchester’s elite. Little plays Nick, the taciturn sporty one of the group, and says the crux of the story is about fitting in, something everyone can relate to.  “I’ve found many parallels to my own high school experience,” he continues. “The play is also about class and having grown up in Western Sydney there’s a certain stigma attached to that. Also, that transition from being a student to an adult is a big big thing. It’s such a wonderful story.”

Jul 25-Aug 11, ATYP Studio 1, The Wharf Pier 4/5 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay, $20-32.50, 9270 2400,