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If you ask Sammy Longfellow what he wanted to be when he grew up, he answers immediately, “a fireman, just like Dad.” Being one half of Australia’s dick tricking Puppetry of the Penis extravaganza is about as far removed from those rural Victorian dreams as you can get, but he still gets to play with a hose. “I probably don’t save as many lives but they say laughter is the best medicine, so maybe I do,” he says.

The show has been around for over ten years, and Sammy and his partner in penis crime, Nacho Regal are the second generation of cock stars taking this unique and hilarious brand of body comedy around the globe. It may have been around for more than a decade but in their new show, creators Simon Morley and David Friend have used CGI technology to really bring the bits and pieces to life on the big stage and big screen – it seems size really does matter.

“You’ll feel like you need to bat them away from your face at times during the show,” Longfellow adds excitedly. “It’s a lot of fun.” In an evening full of full frontal comedy, audiences can expect to see some new tricks and some reworked old favourites. “The Loch Ness monster is my favourite,” explains Longfellow. “It uses everything: balls, penis. He’s dynamic and he moves.”

Jul 6, South Sydney Juniors, 558A Anzac Parade, Kingsford, $39, 9349 7555,