Felicity Ward. Photo: Jamie Williams

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I went to the Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent in Hyde Park last Saturday afternoon and listened to this wonderful woman whose compassionate and funny humour had me laughing out loud for the duration of her show.

She appears to be digressing but, like all great storytellers, she knows how to keep the central thread alive and this is how she achieves momentum in her patter.

I am astonished that I had never heard of her prior to this show, which I went to only because I had free tickets, but should Felicity ever come within cooee of me in the future, I will challenge hell or high water to hear her again, she was THAT good, as the bogans say.

She has the right amount of bawdiness to add frisson to her presentation, while her sense of the absurd, her capacity for mimicry, and her overwhelmingly joie de vivre provided a real blast of positive energy on a hot and listless afternoon. You should hear her chicken karaoke of the Titanic theme song: I nearly wet myself with laughter.

Interestingly, the central tenet of her main story was the kindness of friends in a potentially hostile city like London, where she lives. I’m not going to be a spoiler, but I just want to say that all’s well that ends well, and we left the tent well satisfied with the comic feast Felicity had prepared for us.

Why am I not surprised that Felicity’s performance was a huge hit last year at the notoriously competitive Edinburgh Fringe Festival? (ID)

Felicity Ward performed at the Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent at the Sydney Festival Village Feb 20-22 (it’s a shame you missed her). Follow her at www.felicityward.com