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Factory Space Theatre has brought William Shakespeare’s Macbeth back to the stage, presenting an interesting adaptation to captivate audiences.

A courageous Scottish general named Macbeth is told his future by three sibylline creatures; that one day he will become the King of Scotland. Influenced by his wife, a powerful woman with blood on her hands and passion in her heart, Macbeth kills King Duncan and takes the throne for himself, consumed by guilt and paranoia.

Starting off really strong, the audience was drawn into the performance through the intimate theatre setting and wonderful special effects. The lighting and sound effects were a vital addition, contributing to the haunting atmosphere, in conjunction with occasional humming from the characters.

The cast were very talented with great character development and they spoke Shakespearean English brilliantly. The costuming was extravagant and beautiful to look at, however its complexity confused the time period in which it was set. Breaking the fourth wall throughout the performance was a great idea, immersing audiences further into the unique world created on stage.

The plot was sometimes difficult to follow, which may cause confusion amongst the audience. To fully appreciate this performance, audiences will need to have a prior knowledge of the story. Some parts of the performance also felt quite slow and lost audience interest, particularly when there were chunks of dialogue and not much else happening on stage.

Until Jul 29. Star of the Sea Theatre, Junction of Collingwood St and Iluka Ave, Manly. $28-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini