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The Telescope is a feel good play that will keep you smiling from start to finish.

Literally, the play begins with a man on stage that has the most mischievous look on his face that immediately makes the crowd burst into laughter. The entirety of the play is filled with hidden jokes and little quirks, left, right and centre!

The Telescope is inspired by the real-life case of China’s Guizhou Province, where over 9,000 people were forcibly removed from their homes in 2015 in order to make way for construction of the world’s largest radio telescope, designed to search for extraterrestrial life. This is a story that could be taken so seriously but is done in such a playful way. It shows the audience that no matter what your circumstance is, there is always a light hearted approach to it.

The actors in the play are perfectly casted. The mother has the most dramatic, eye catching face that is constantly changing. The father is quick witted, boisterous and basically puts on a broadway musical show for the audience time and time again.

The Old Fitz Theatre, the venue for The Telescope, is cozy, warm and filled with character.

You know you’re going to have a good time when you walk in there, especially when you go to see The Telescope; a story that will make you wonder “Is there something else out there?”

Until Aug 12. Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling Street, Sydney. Tickets & Info: or PH: 02 9356 3848

Reviewed by Olivia Lyle.