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Ricki-Lee Coulter is a force of nature. In the past eight years she has gone from Idol favourite to Aussie icon with stops at radio DJ, spokesperson and TV presenter along the way. After two years away from music, her new album Fear and Freedom is an expression of who she is today, “Everything that you go through in life gives you perspective and something to talk about,” she says. “That’s what the album is, it celebrates becoming the person I am today and everything it took to get here.” So what brought her back to music? “It was a natural thing, there was a lot to write about,” says Coulter. “I took a couple of years off and it was nice to be back in the studio.” Fear and freedom are themes that Coulter can relate to, and one song in particular speaks to her about freedom. “I think at the moment it’s Because I Can, it’s a real middle-finger-to-the-world song,” she explains. “It’s that carefree attitude of, I’m going to do something that everyone thinks is ridiculous because I can, there is nothing holding me back. I love the freedom in that song.”