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Despite the time, the culture or new technologies. The pursuit of spirituality remains intact. This endless quest is something deeply rooted in human existence.

There are topics that are impossible to explain or describe. The Chinese tradition of spirituality and faith is one of those topics. The spirit of Chinese culture is an infinite mystery. A mystery that still influences millions of lives around the globe.

The White Rabbit Gallery, presents Ritual Spirit. This new exhibition has no comparison and is unlike anything ever shown in Australia before. The exhibition explores the spiritual life of contemporary China. Currently, China is an atheist country, but interest for spirituality remain intact and is growing within secular contexts.

David Williams explained, “Chinese art was once regarded as a gift from the gods. Artists were conduits between earth and heaven; their aim was not just to capture the beauty of nature but to convey its vital breath. The artists in Ritual Spirit do not seek to raise a man into heaven. But all are trying, in one sense or another, to bring the gods down to earth”.

Ritual Spirit, explores the interface between the exalted realm of gods and spirits and the crazy, mixed-up human world. Featuring works by more than 20 artists from China and Taiwan including Geng Xue, Yu Hong, Tianzhou Chen, Cheng Ran and Xu Bing.

Aug 30-Jan 28, Wed-Sun 10am–5pm. White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art, 30 Balfour St, Chippendale. Info:

Written by Manuel Gonzalez.