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Artists Sophie Dalgleish and Jules Forth bring their unique perspectives on landscape paintings together for their exhibition Romance In The Landscape. 

“We feel that the works that we’ve put together bring about the romance in the vista,” says Forth. “There’s a feeling of, dusk, of coming home and coming back to your haven at the end of the day”

“Romance is just what’s soothing, it’s what feels nurturing,” adds Dalgleish.

Though they have been good friends since they met over a decade ago in a Waverly art school, this is the first time they’ve exhibited their work as a pair.

For Dalgleish, becoming a painter was an unexpected part of her journey to Australia from France, but says the light and landscape inspired her. She now specialises in landscape painting.

“I never thought I would paint when I moved to Australia,” she explains. “I thought that the light was just so incredible here and how it reflects on the colours and shapes, it’s just so inspiring.”

Forth traditionally prefers still life but her 91 day walk across England and Scotland last year inspired her to try her hand at landscape painting. 

She says there are differences between hers and Dalgleish’s style, but the striking colours of Dalgleish’s more abstract landscapes marry well with the realism of her work.

“It’s been really interesting to find that symbiosis between the two of us,” she says. “While our works are very different I think they complement one another”

The exhibition will be launched on Valentines’ Day, with a special opening event from 6-8pm. The paintings will be on sale at the show.

February 11-23, ARO Gallery, 51 William Street, Darlinghurst. FREE. Info:

By Allison Hore