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Rosie Waterland is bringing the hilariously bizarre stories of her life to the stage in her national Crazy Lady tour.

Combining her roots as a writer and actor, she has created a show full of comedy, addressing her own life experiences through storytelling.

“I’ve been describing it as a funny show about mental health. I take a look at how my mental health has affected my life, and how I ended up having a nervous breakdown at 30. But it’s still funny, I promise!” said the author, comedian, TV host and screenwriter.

Having spent months preparing and refining the show, Waterland explores strong topics in a funny way, including feminism, pop culture, body image and television.

“I’d say I’m a writer who tells stories on stage… a certain reflection of society does come into it, just by talking about my sex life there ends up being quite a bit of material about sexual politics and body politics… I just get up and do it and hope for the best. But, each show is certainly different depending on the audience dynamic. I love that everybody reacts to and loves really different parts.”

Waterland hopes audiences will enjoy their night out and engage in her stories with continuous laughter throughout.

“I just want them to enjoy themselves! Honestly, writing is such a solitary activity, so it’s really great to be able to tell my stories to a live audience. Let’s all just get a bit pissed and be proud of ourselves for leaving the house for once.” Waterland concluded.

Sep 23. Concourse Theatre, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood. Prices: $49.90+b.f. Tickets & info:

By Jade Morellini