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A trio of perfectly ordinary misfits go about their days as they are safe in knowledge. All their questions are answered and they want for nothing.

The Old 505 Theatre Company’s production of Seeing Unseen is set in the future and tells a story about the now, that started as a reflection of an obscure historical topic.

Kerri Glasscock, co-collaborator, performer and theatre company co-founder explains, “Often the work that we do stems from historical sources, and interestingly enough (although) this show is about modern technology and the world we live in now, it actually started from a development where we were examining the court life of Shakespeare, which is bizarre.”

Seeing Unseen challenges the way we receive and accept news and information, and explores what life might be like for people who have lived for longer with the technologies that package and deliver information to us. With revelations that unfold throughout the piece, half the joy is working it out in the end.

The work of this theatre company in particular is revolutionary as the scripts are not the product of a single writer, but they are written collectively from improvisations that happen during rehearsal. This would not be possible without their access to a permanent venue, unlike so many artists in Sydney who cannot afford rehearsal space.

The Old 505 Theatre Company celebrates ten years of devising independent productions this year.

 8 – 26 April 2015. The Old 505 Theatre Company. Suite 505, 342 Elizabeth Street Surry Hills. $22 – $33. Bookings: