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Firstly, it would be prudent to note that Shady Lane’s recently released album Built Guilt is a record featuring Jordy Lane, member of Sydney indie-dream merchants Richard In Your Mind and not Jordie Lane, the Melbourne based folk and country singer/songwriter. “I was buying something on eBay yesterday and the person on the other end asked me if I was the Melbourne singer/songwriter,” says the group’s creative leader. “The ‘Jordie’ Lane thing happens a bit. That’s also kind of why the band’s called Shady Lane.”

Shady Lane have just released the soundtrack to your dreams. Built Guilt is an excursion through a world where you just have to lay back as Lane’s voice whispers in your ear like a summer breeze as layers of lush ethereal synths and sparkling cymbals whisk you away on a cushy cloud, only for the next number to then stun you back to earth with angular guitar stabs and jittery off kilter drumming. But what does it all mean? “[Built Guilt] is a bit of a self-indulgent depiction about getting down about the world and not coping with shit too well. Guilt can overcome you and drive you insane but it’s kind of about rising to the challenge of getting over it.”

Upon probing Lane about his musical inspiration he responds: “Songs come from all different places. I might have a lyric idea or be mucking around making a noise that sounds cool. I just try and finish it from there. I didn’t really have a plan [for the record] it was just about  starting with an idea and seeing where it goes.” However, Jordy insists Shady Lane is not a solo album. “[Shady Lane] morphed from the solo thing and has been advancing away from that over the years. I recorded the first album by myself in the bedroom but it’s developed, especially by having other members involved for the live shows.”

So what can audiences expect from the band’s upcoming album launch? “We’ve translated a fairly introspective album into something that’s fun. These days I’m a bit less strict about being an artist and I just want people to enjoy a live show. If you don’t do that then potentially you’re pretty boring.” That’s an interesting prospect when one considers how many aural nooks and crannies are tucked away into the record. If the album serves any indication, the Shady Lane live shows are set to offer up a whole host of aural treats.

August 3rd, 8pm, Brighton Up Bar, $10 + BF, 9361 3379