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Filmed at New York’s Beacon Theatre in 2006, this is Martin Scorsese’s portrait of The Rolling Stones in ‘intimate’ mode. Part behind-the-scenes documentary, part concert film, it shows the band in top form and revelling their roles as the craggy old men of rock. ‘Legendary’ is a much-abused description, but these guys truly deserve it. After more than 40 years together, the Stones have nothing left to prove, yet they still run around the stage like teenagers. Scorsese intercuts the concert with often-hilarious archival footage to show how dangerous they once were. He also gives a real sense of their personalities ‘ mischievous, droll and supremely self-assured. For the Stones, it’s always been about performing, and Shine a Light makes an excellent addition to their filmography. (Lachlan Jobbins)