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Loners become family and strangers from different worlds become friends in a world where animals can talk to each other.

Meet Max, an ambitious macho but cool and lonely Rottweiler police dog on a crazy mission in Las Vegas. 

Accompanied by Frank the loner FBI agent, he needs to save the adorable baby panda Ling-Li who’s been stolen from a Zoo in China to be sold for millions. But it isn’t just Ling-Li’s life that’s in danger. 

Undercover as a primped show dog with his trainer the unlikely team needs to stop cruel animal-smuggling which uses the prestigious dog show as a front.

Some weird stunts tended to seem pretty unreal and could have been better animated.

Slightly funny dialogues as well as many allusions which partially didn’t work made the movie a little insipid in some parts, but cute animals and an adventurous story affected the film positively and made it definitely watchable.

★★ ½

Reviewed by Lili Sekkai