Siro-A. Photo: Paul Brown

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A unique, futuristic theatrical experience can be expected when Siro-A comes from Japan to perform at The Concourse Chatswood. The group have been described by critics as “Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group”.

A vast projection screen acts as a backdrop, and the latest video-mapping, light animation, laser effects and 3D video projection developments are utilised in a performance that is divided into short visual sketches, seamlessly blending reality and animation. There is a cast of six performers alongside two DJs spinning an electro soundtrack. The original music is created by sound programmer, Hiroyuki.

This multi award-winning group was originally formed in 2002 by Kentaro Homma and five classmates from Sendai, Japan. Taking the world by storm, Siro-A has attracted millions of views on YouTube, sold-out shows across the globe, and wowed audiences with their appearances on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

Siro-A is an incredible illusion show that utilises new technologies in perfect synchronisation with visual effects, techno sounds and human power. It is a mind-blowing performance combining mime, dance, comedy, puppetry and high energy music.

It’s a special experience that sees an interaction of human digital power combined for the ultimate in entertainment.

“We shared a desire to create the next generation of entertainment, outside the boundaries of conventional theatre and performance art,” said Homma, a DJ and video producer for Siro-A. “The first Siro-A show was performed 20 years ago when we were high school students. Since then it has evolved in its complexity. We’ve utilised a lot of equipment, technology and props, especially video production, to create a multi projection performance and unique form of entertainment,” he added. (MS)

Until Jan 22, varied performance times. The Concourse, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood. $38-$45 (Family passes $99-$160). Tickets & info: