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The school holidays have arrived and this musical pantomime is sure to be a hit amongst families and big kids alike!

Producer/director Bonnie Lythgoe explained that many people think pantomimes are merely for children when in reality they’re for anybody who wants to enjoy a fun night out. “I don’t know why they think this. This is a show families can come along to and be entertained. We have British writers and British people who know how to put a pantomime together. They know how to make life, laughter, fun and shows that are good for kids and adults alike.”

Lythgoe is thrilled that Rhonda Burchmore has joined the cast as the wicked fairy. “Rhonda is going to be so good as she’s so enthusiastic. She’s about 5ft 11in so she’ll tower over everyone. Also joining the show as the King is English actor Frazer Hines who was the longest running assistant on Doctor Who.”

Audiences will be dumbfounded to learn that 12 months of work went into bringing this Pantomime to the stage. “The writing takes time, the sets and costumes are from England and it’s so well thought out. We bring the UK panto to Australia literally. It would be an eye-opener if people could see what we do behind the scenes – how we put a show together. It’s a long procedure and it takes forever.”

Audience participation is one of the key elements of Pantomimes and Lythgoe promises there will be plenty in this show. “The audience is encouraged to scream out, there are songs they can join in and there’s a trick which we have never done before. This year we have a lot of illusion, more comedy and I’ll be very surprised if anybody gets bored as there’s so much going on!”

Lythgoe is adamant that she couldn’t imagine her show at any other venue than the State Theatre as it reminds her of the old English theatres.

“The magic of pantomime takes you to the land of make believe, it opens your mind and you will find all the things you want to achieve in pantomime.” (MMo)

Jul 13-22. State Theatre, 49 Market St City. $69-$99+b.f. Tickets & Info: