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Penned by the Brothers Grimm around 200 years ago and made famous by the 1937 Walt Disney film, Snow White is fairy tale about a young girl with a rare and true beauty and the evil queen seeking to destroy her.

While Snow White And The Huntsman sticks to this basic plot structure, don’t expect our heroine to break into song, or yearn for Prince Charming to save her. This adaptation is darker, scarier and strives for more realistic, complex characterisation. Despite the presence of the hunky Chris Hemsworth as the bereaved huntsman, it’s the female leads that really stand out. Kristen Stewart, of Twilight fame, strikes the right balance between vulnerability and strength to create an enchanting yet believable Snow White, and Charlize Theron is extraordinary as the lethal queen, relentless in her pursuits for power and beauty.

Although there isn’t enough time to fully develop the relationships between the leads as the main thrust of the plot involves action and pursuit, this is movie storytelling at its best. With a stunning visual palette and moving musical score, these elements successfully capture the emotional aspects of the tale and allow its purity and magic to really shine through (MP).