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Spear Carrier is a one-man show, written and directed by Jamie Oxenbould. It follows the wandering train of thought of Nathan, an extra in the 114th performance of Hamlet, which most would agree would be somewhat of a frustrating experience at the best of times. Nathan has an especially rough time because he has to listen to a Home and Away star butcher the Bard’s monologues, and lust after the actress who plays Ophelia every night.

Oxenbould had the whole crowd in stitches, partially because he looked so ridiculous in tights and velvet pantaloons, but also because he played the awkward Nathan pining for stardom to perfection. The contrast between the lyricism of Shakespeare and some questionable jokes about farts and erections was mostly pretty funny, but occasionally super creepy, especially when directed at female audience members. Occasionally crude, and occasionally hilarious, Spear Carrier is for people that would laugh at the word ‘stiffy’ in a sonnet.

Written by Hannah Chapman

Until Sep 1, Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli, $29-69, 9929 0644,