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When it comes to the latest show by Spoon Rhythm Productions, audience members are in for a treat – three for the price of one, so to speak. “It’s definitely three separate plays that are very stylistically different but they have similar ideas,” writer Phoebe Leonard tells me. “It’s about transitions and being stuck in between the past and future and the different reactions people have to that situation.” Leonard also stars in the fantastical, dreamlike opening act. “It’s the most autobiographical of the three but it’s also metaphorical and absurd” she explains. “The second act is like a sitcom and the third is a dark drama.” Act II, a romantic comedy with a dollop of slapstick and melodrama, follows a young couple who are moving in together for the first time and to wrap up the evening, the last act is about a bitter artist on the brink of success. “There’s just so much scope for comedy and drama with this that I couldn’t limit it to just one scenario,” Leonard continues. “I hope audiences take away the importance of having the courage to sit things out and also to push ahead when the opportunity arises.”

Oct 18-22, The Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo, $25 – $33, 9697 7600,