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City Hub had the pleasure of speaking with two magnificent comedians, and we must say they really did make us laugh. This may seem silly to you, but much of the time we find comedians awkward to talk to face-to-face. But Matthew Broussard and Al Jackson had us smiling ear to ear.

Matthew and Al will be starring in StarSpangled Stand-Up, with two other U.S. comedians for a night of endless laughter. With numerous appearances on television and too many awards to count, we’re confident when we say this show will make you pee your pants.

What will the show be about? Matthew says, “Science. My parents were both scientists. And I feel they were both a little disappointed that I didn’t pursue a similar path. So I try to inject bits of academia into my material.” We’ve all experienced the disappointment of letting our parents down a few times before. But Al states, “I am a comedian because it is the only thing that has ever felt natural to me. Why didn’t my guidance counselor ever tell me about this?” Yes. You actually can make money doing what you love, and these four performers will prove it to you.

What if the audience doesn’t laugh at your jokes? “Start the next joke as quickly as possible and consider what I’d go to grad school for if this career doesn’t work out,” Matthew says.

We’ll be curious to see how Megan Gailey does being the only female in the show. Although, with her late night debut on The Conan O’Brien Show, it’s safe to say she’s a real superstar.

“I like Australia because the country and the people as a whole have a relaxed open-minded demeanor that I find myself gravitating towards. Matter of fact when I’m over there I might start looking for a house. At least until Trump is gone.” So we may be seeing more of these celebrities on our side of the world!

Going to a comedy show can be a form of therapy, and the best kind for that matter. It’s a place where you can let go of all your worries and just laugh. “I want my audience to be happy and feel like the time that we had together was worth their time. I want them to go home and have sex with each other and think only of me. That’s some freaky stuff I’m working through but that’s the truth” Jackson says.

Okay, we take back what we said in the beginning. This was definitely an awkward moment.

June 10, 7pm. The Comedy Store, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW. Tickets and Info (for all ages):

By Olivia Lyle.

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