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By Roger Hanney

What tastes like dirt and doesn’t cost the Earth’, America’s leading source of international market-related news, ran the following on July 9.
Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens party that now holds the balance of power in the Senate, will push for the government to cut greenhouse gases by 90 per cent by 2050.
The five Greens Senators will push for deeper emissions cuts and a tougher carob trading system, Brown said.

It’s not clear what climate science says about the impact of chocolate substitutes. But even carob trading would have to do more for the planet than anything proposed by the COALition.

Worst. Dinner date. Ever.
This excerpt comes from the recently published Interview With a Cannibal: The Secret Life of the Cannibal from Rotenburg by Gunter Stampf.

A bit of context: ‘cator99’ is the screen name of Bernd-Jürgen Brandes; ‘antrophagus’ is the screen name Armin Meiwes.

Brandes was replying to an ad placed by Meiwes, seeking a ‘well-built man, 18’30, who would like to be eaten by me.’

This conversation took place in early March, 2001:

antrophagus: To bite into your penis will certainly not be easy’living flesh is somewhat more resistant than fried’but one thing is certain: our dream will be fulfilled.

cator99: For both our sakes, I hope that’s true. I hope you have also already thought about what’s to be done with the rest. Fulfilling the dream shouldn’t become a nightmare for you. No one will know where I’ve disappeared to.

antrophagus: After you’re dead, I’ll take you out and expertly carve you up. Except for a pair of knees and some fleshy trash (skin, cartilage, tendons), there won’t be much of you left.

cator99: There will be a good bit, like the knees, I hope you have a good hiding place for them.

antrophagus: I’ll dry out the knees and grind them up soon after.

cator99: Okay, they’re good as fertilizer, I heard that once. I see you’ve thought about it. Good! Sounds like I’m the first.

antrophagus: And you won’t be the last, hopefully. I’ve already considered catching a young person from the street, but I would rather kill only those who want to be killed.

Three days later, antrophagus killed and ate cator99.