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Who would have imagined that a film with such a positive and uplifting premise could have floundered so badly and been a major disappointment at best?

The synopsis was promising. A man disillusioned with life joins a synchronised swimming club for men in their 40s which ultimately participates in the world championships. Along the way, he rediscovers himself and comes to the realisation that he must appreciate what he has in life, rather than what he doesn’t.

This was potentially the feel-good British comedy of the year with a universal message for all audiences. However, what should’ve had audiences triumphantly proclaiming this as the must-see film of the year failed to raise an eyelid.

A vastly unfunny and very banal script transpired an extremely exhausting film to sit through. The pace picked up slightly in the second half but even a cheerful and predictably sugar sweet conclusion did little to alleviate the disinterest distilled by this drowning cinematic misfire. (MMo)

★★ ½