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The Sydney Impro Festival is upon us again. Held annually, this year the best comedic improvisers from New South Wales have prepared a line up of their greatest hits and they need you to tell them what to do. The festival features some cracking shows from Bard to the Bone, a Shakespearean piece improvised entirely from a prop donated by the audience to Puppets vs People, a theatresports extravaganza where everything is made up but the points really do matter because only one team can survive.

The festival will also play host to the coveted Theatresports Cup-Winners’ Cup – a playoff between the current holders of the Cranston Cup, The Scared Scriptless Cup, the Sydney
University Theatresports Cup and the recent NSW High Schools’
Theatresports Championships. With all that talent in the room if anything is certain it’s that anything can happen.

Jul 31-Aug 4, New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown, $22-28, 1300 131 188,