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Set in New York City in 1912, it is a captivating tale of displaced emotions of two very different people. Jewish meatpacker and ballroom obsessed Henry Ribolow (played by Justin Stewart) places a newspaper ad for a dance party. Anna Bianci (played by Emma Palmer) is an Italian Catholic seamstress who is stuck in the mundane rut of a factory worker and seeks a way out by responding to Henry’s wacky “Dance for Royalty” advertisement.

The dictum “less is more” fits for the set: simple and minimalist, and provides the perfect context to Allen Knee’s storyline that subtly deals with women suffrage and social issues of the era.

In true testament to the dialogues of the play, Syncopation transcends the stage into a magical space of rib-tickling humor, compelling dance moves and a plethora of emotions of love and romance that make the viewers’ hearts dance to the beat of the characters’ feelings.

Written by Joseph Rana

Jul 24-28, Riverside Theatre, Corner Church and Market Street, Parramatta, $30-47, 8839 3399,