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Combining circus, mime, dance and theatre, James Thierree is one of the most interesting contemporary choreographers of our time.

Returning for his fourth year at The Sydney Festival in 2015 with Tabac Rouge, the French choreographer is sure to deliver in his infamously spectacular and thrilling style. “I went into the underground of my artistic desires,” Thierree says.

Set in the disillusioned mind of a King Lear like ruler, Tabac Rouge combines absurdism and pantomime that harks back to Thierree’s lineage of circus performers, one that includes Charlie Chaplin. But what is perhaps most interesting about Tabac Rouge is Thierree’s ability to work with polar opposites and unite them in such a naturalistic way. His pieces highlight the harmony of contrast as the performers move with subtle grace through choreography that is harshly energetic.

This synergy will be reflected in the set – it is as much of the performance as the performers themselves. A large contraption of mirrors, pipes and wheels reflects the movement and action as the dancers contort and weave they’re way through it. Described as “la trame” meaning weft, the scaffold is akin to textiles and woven cloth drawing parallels between aesthetics and mechanisms. (ATS)

Jan 7-23, Sydney Theatre, Hickson Rd Walsh Bay, $85-119, 02 9250 1777,