You ain’t seen nothing yet

Sydney’s recent heatwave was the hottest since 1861, maybe demonstrating the effect of the observed 1 – 2 degree rise in temperature since 1970. People … Read more

Poster beach for climate change

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong created a stir recently when she warned that global warming could have a massive impact on Bondi Beach, the Sunshine … Read more

Barnaby Joyce’s Pet Climate Scientist Destroyed by British Journalist

Sweet, sweet relief. Obviously, everybody who doesn’t believe their own eyes when they look at the world outside their window will continue to believe that … Read more


Coverage of climate negotiations in Copenhagen has varied from dismal to dismaying. In the weeks before 15, 000 government reps and associated lobbyists hit the … Read more

This week in weather

It seems the global zeitgeist has ferociously outpaced the Rudd Government in much the same way that basic reality has outflanked the Abbott-Minchin-Robb COALition. China … Read more

Rights, Carbon, Actions!

Climate Camp is not a new Disney movie but a series of 20 climate workshops and direct actions taking place globally this year, with four … Read more


Newspaper Ignites Hope, Announces “Civil Disobedience Database“ In a front-page ad in today’s International Herald Tribune, the leaders of the European Union … Read more

$4.5 billion for ‘clean energy’

The Rudd Government has revealed plans to invest $4.5 billion to support clean energy. There will be $2.4 billion for new coal technologies, $1.6 billion … Read more

Rally against big polluters

About 500 protesters hit Sydney streets last week calling for an end to the influence of the fossil fuel lobby on climate change policy. Greens … Read more

Let Them Eat Coal

Four hours north of Sydney, the Liverpool Plains have become the latest badly chosen battleground for an inept and bullying state government. Wielding ‘Section 3A’ … Read more