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Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop software running on a Mac accessing a remote Windows PC.

Remote desktop software enables users to access computers remotely over the internet. With a client and server piece of software installed on the local (client) and remote (server) computer, the local user is able to log in to the remote computer and run programs, transfer files and print.

Remote desktop software will never be as friendly or responsive as being on the remote computer but it does have its usefulness when you cannot get to the remote computer. For example you’ve been working on a large work document on a computer at home and you go to work the next day and need to display it on your work computer. With a remote desktop program installed you simply log in to the computer at home and upload it to your work computer. Note, the computer at home has to be switched on for the request to be acknowledged.

Remote desktop software is available on all the major operating systems. There are various professional first-party, third-party, open source, and freeware remote desktop applications, some of which are cross-platform across various versions of Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, and Linux. A number also offer apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

For a comparison of remote desktop software products on the market, see the Wikipedia article Comparison of remote desktop software


Problem of the week: Printer not feeding paper

This problem can occur on any inkjet printer. To fix this problem you will need a glass of water, some cotton buds and some cotton make-up remover pads.

Step 1 – Reset the printer

Turn the printer on in the normal way. When it is ready to print, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer. Wait 30 seconds, then plug the power cable back into the printer.

The printer should reset itself as it powers up. If it does not do this there is a logic board problem and servicing by the manufacturer will be required.

If the reset has worked, try printing a test page by pressing down the cancel button and then the colour button together. Release both buttons at the same time. If the page prints, the problem is fixed.

If the page does not print, use a connected computer to try printing a page. Sometimes the paper settings in the printer parameters screen do not match the paper being used in the printer. Ensure these match and try printing. If the page prints, the problem is solved.

If the page does not print you will have to remove the back cover of the printer and clean the rubber rollers, which are responsible for gripping the paper and feeding it through the printer.

Fetch the cotton buds and make-up remover pads (Swisspers is a good product). Get a glass of water.

Remove the  cover from the back of the printer, usually from the left hand side. Moisten one cotton bud and clean off ink and paper fibers from each roller. Push the roller towards the front of the printer as you’re cleaning. Once you have done each roller with the cotton buds, dry and clean the rollers with the cotton make-up pads. When everything is clean and dry put the back cover of the printer on and try printing a test page.

If a page prints the problem is fixed. If not, the problem lies deeper inside the printer and a service by the manufacturer is required. Alternatively consider purchasing a new printer as it may be cheaper than fixing your broken one.

On YouTube search for “inkjet printer not feeding paper” for step by step troubleshooting guides for your printer.

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  • Rick

    Our company consists of several offices in different countries. Of course we had plenty of communication nuisances. Such as different time zones, inability to watch and follow some working processes and to instruct new members. But even small nuisances can grow into a big problem. Our best solution was to start working with remote desktop software. Communication became much easier than before.
    Currently we are working with Techinline remote desktop and would like to thank its creators:)Honestly,that’s the easiest software that I found for our company on this market and it’s also it is the best relation of price and reliability for a professional product.