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Técha Noble has worked across all manner of mediums; from textile design, to performance art and set design. Despite getting attention from rap superstars and Australian label heroes, she’d prefer to skip the name dropping. Noble insists that this flitting between channels and constructions is all part of being an artist today.

“It’s the nature of contemporary practice and critical thinking. Part of concept development is choosing a medium appropriate towards the idea.”

CRYSTAL ROMEO sees Noble examining new ways to depict Australia’s landscape, eschewing the masculine narratives of colonialism for glitter and high camp. Combining video installation from the recent dance art performance Day to Night, printmaking and costume pieces, CRYSTAL ROMEO adds sparkle to traditional Symbolist depictions, with a nod to “the embarrassing uncle of Australian art” Norman Lindsay.

“[It’s] a way of looking at the landscape as a decorative means, rather than a manly and heroic way…there is a discordant relationship to nature in Australia, a very weird gothic book narrative idea that I think alludes to a certain trauma.”

Continuing the theme of subverting traditional narratives, Noble features a piece with model Casey Legler, who is bilingual in the language of gender construction. “She’s a pretty amazing looking human, and artist in her own right, able to apply a conceptual idea of what we’re trying to achieve,” says Noble.

Until April 2nd, Mon-Fri 12-6pm. UTS Gallery, Level 4, Peter Johnson Building, 702 Harris Street, Ultimo