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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane wrote, produced and voiced the title character of Ted, a foul-mouthed, drug taking teddy bear who magically comes to life after a wish by his owner John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg). After living a fun but aimless lifestyle Bennett realises he needs to grow up if he wants to take his relationship with girlfriend (Mila Kunis) to the next level. Cameos by Patrick Stewart as the Little Britain-like narrator, Norah Jones as one of Ted’s many lovers, and Sam Jones (star of the 1980s B-grade film Flash Gordon) perfectly complement the hilarious comedy generated by Ted. Animated by Aussie VFX studio Iloura, Ted’s crude one-liners will surprise and delight. Already a box office hit, be sure not to miss this year’s most unconventional screen hero. ****

Written by Peter Scobie