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Television is Dead came about from extrapolating on the idea of evolution. I have based the theme of the night on a Latin saying, ‘omnia mutantur nihil interit,’ which translates to ‘everything changes, nothing perishes,’” says curator Bravo Child of his upcoming night of live digital sculpting, game demos, presentations and live music.

“No longer is a one way stream of information sufficient. Our knowledge is not ‘handed down from above’, but shared among peers,” continues Child, and certainly the sharing of knowledge (primarily in the fields of interaction design, game development and AI programming) will be a key component of the evening.

The artists include Matt Barker, a 3D artist who worked on the gaming experience LA Noire; Toby K, a technophile interaction and lighting designer; Vibrasoul, an exciting new dubstep producer and Daughter of Dynamite, best known for her work with a capella group Kaya.

And in keeping with the theme of the night, this is just the seed of what will evolve and grow for future instalments. There is certainly no end of fertile soil to till.

Says Child, “I abide by the hacker ethos championing our right to understand what goes on ‘under the hood’ and responsibility to enhance the systems we rely on through our personal contribution.”

Here’s your chance go under the hood with an icecream in hand.

Oct 18, 6.30pm, 107 Projects, 107 Redfern St, Redfern, $5 on the door with free icecream,