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When migrants make the long journey away from home to settle in a new country they often leave a lot behind, but they always retain a little something special that is transported to new communities – communities that begin to flourish with culture.

Sydney is awash with multicultural centres, some of which have only recently become popular, but none so much as Chinatown in the heart of the city. And nestled in between all the Yum Cha and Peking duck huts is the affectionately termed ‘Thainatown.’ This strip of restaurants on Campbell Street is the focus of Thai-born artist Vipoo Srivilasa’s latest work Thai Na Town – Little Oz.

The work, hosted in association with 4A community projects, will attempt to open up communication between Sydney and Bangkok by asking migrants to share their journeys in a series of ‘pop up’ studios in Campbell Street. With the help of Srivilasa these stories will be transformed into sculptures which will be sent back home to family and friends – a memento that will represent the nature of longing for home.

The workshop will then move on to a little area of Bangkok known to expats as Little Oz where Srivilasa hopes to repeat the process with an entirely different group of migrants. If you have a story you want to share then head along to the pop-up studios at the Bangkok Restaurant, Thursday June 14 (2-6pm); Chon Siam, Friday June 15 (12-5pm); House Restaurant, Saturday June 16 (12-5pm) and June 17 (12-5pm). Head to for more information. (NH)

  • I would like to book for Saturday June 16th, 4-5pm please!

  • Angela Bennetts

    Hey Scott, glad you are interested – please head over to the 4a website to make bookings and find out more info!