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This Australian comedy surrounds Polly, a wannabee actress who simply can’t make it in the industry as she’s overshadowed by Amy, her identical twin sister who ironically is a successful and in-demand actress. Tired of being mistaken as Amy, Polly ultimately assumes her identity with varying results.

This film basically exemplifies the difficulty in writing comedic feature films and the ongoing problem Australian writers have in this genre.

What should have been a hilarious and thoroughly entertaining film unfortunately fails to ignite, owing to a script which is overwhelmingly unfunny and misses many potentially laugh-out-loud moments with lackluster assumed identity sub-plots.

Alice Foulcher who plays the roles of Polly and Amy is a delight, but can only do so much to carry a film which is stale and barely raises a few chuckles.

Hollywood starlet Isabel Lucas plays a supporting role and may allure young movie-goers into cinemas, but only manages to deliver an average performance in a forgettable role.

On a high note the film does offer an insight into the world of show business – the meetings with casting agents, the auditions and predominantly the disappointments and hopelessness of working in such a fickle industry. (MMo)


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