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The debut album by UK electronic dance duo The 2 Bears is a fun electronic journey through soulful and dance floor friendly pop. Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and side project partner Raf Rundell came together through a love of deejaying -both at clubs and radio for Ministry Of Sound- and consequently Be Strong is jammed with tracks that are unashamedly geared towards simple uplift and inciting good party times. The opener The Birds And The Bees kicks off in friendly enough house territory as does album namesake track Be Strong before arriving at Bear Hug, with its down tuned vocal that states quite humorously that all you out there on the floor/ gonna get you in my paws and give you a bear hug before shout outs to the lean teens in tight jeans and drag queens. Ghosts And Zombies implores ghosts and zombies to come on to my party/ get high before breaking into a robot dance inspiring 808 break at the conclusion of the track and Time In Mind interestingly has a folk guitar and vocal over a dance-hall beat and bass line. The 2 Bears are fun, quirky and clearly happy to make fun of themselves. So stop being so serious all the time.