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Mongrel Mouth’s daring immersive theatre genre is growing in popularity. Their newest production The Age of Entitlement launches this December and features a crucial element of their project – a 166 year-old, 7-bedroom mansion at The Rocks.

“Once we get the building we create the work in the building, it’s the other character. It’s the ship in which we’re sailing so we need to know our ship and understand it. As we swing from its mast we know where to go to next,” says producer/director Duncan Maurice.

“All the rooms are live simultaneously, as all the different narratives are happening,” explains Maurice. “There’s a central thread, and there’s an array of narratives coming out from the core. The audience can choose which one they want to follow, they can even choose how it ends.”

With audience interaction not only encouraged but somewhat necessary for the plays success, it’s also an interesting way to see how people react and interact with the ideas and performances right before them. Maurice explains the show deals with political issues without being overbearing. “It’s an entertaining hour and a half with substance and heart.” (RBM)

Dec 5-20th, Merchants House, 45 George St, The Rocks, $30,

By Rocio Belinda Mendez