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The most anticipated film of 2012 is finally upon us. Eight years have passed since the death of Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has retired the Batman and, under the watchful eye of Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), its citizens have experienced unprecedented harmony. But under the surface something stirs. To say The Dark Knight Rises is enthralling is an understatement. In typical Nolan style blockbuster action is never dispensed thoughtlessly; Nolan never underestimates his audience. The acting is solid, the surprise standout being Anne Hathaway’s slinky Selina Kyle. However, there remains something off about this film. Nolan’s style is so incredibly dense that sometimes action glosses over seminal moments. It fluctuates between the over blown spectacle of Batman Begins and the simplicity of The Dark Knight.  Fans, however, will not be disappointed; it is a fitting finale to what has been a remarkable trilogy.  ****