Yang Mushi, Grinding, 2013-16, wood, lacquer, aluminium plate, 55 x 510 x 780 cm

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The Dark Matters is an exhibition which showcases the artworks of 34 talented artists. Many of these works have not been viewed in Australia and they draw from traditional and contemporary Chinese methods. Ranging from photography and digital videos to unique forms such as wood carvings and nail gun artworks, they immerse the viewers into a world of darkness.

Some artworks serve to criticise society and the issues which are present in the modern day while others are a form of expression and reflect structures of the environment. The artists experiment with the colour black, using different shades of light and dark to construct their artworks.

With three levels of unique art to observe, the digital artworks stood out, providing a peaceful atmosphere for the viewers. It wasn’t a typical art exhibition, as it engages more than one sense, enabling the viewer to not only view the art, but to hear it.

These artworks showcase the various traditional methods which can be used such as water paint and sketching, while also investigating new methods such as merging two digital images to create a hidden picture which can only be visible under torch light.

The Dark Matters is an exhibition which is interesting to view, enabling the viewers to experience new art forms and appreciate the beauty which can exist when not using colour. The variety of shades allows the viewers to appreciate the complexity of the colour and unearth the stories which can be generated through art.

Until Jul 30, 10am-5pm. White Rabbit Gallery,  30 Balfour Street, Chippendale. Info: www.whiterabbitcollection.org

By Jade Morellini.